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Taking over the internet - Listener maps, micro blogs, and videos galore

Published by Mr. C

Sometimes it feels like Sidepodcast is taking over the whole flippin' Internet. Yesterday Ollie from BlogF1 gave us an invite to Pownce, which seems to be a more reliable version of Twitter. He then followed that up with a link for the 9 Rules Network, which given that BlogF1 is the only Formula 1 site currently listed, may have less appeal.

At almost exactly the same time psychemedia came up with some great ideas for our YouTube videos, including creating cool mash-ups like this one on SplashCast and the novel idea of adding our F1 Preview videos to Google Maps. Here's the Sidepodcast TV Map, where you can watch all of our videos based on their location in the world.

Fabulous, eh? I'm sure there's more mileage in this yet. If there's anything else or anywhere else we should be, just let us know.