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Take your time, think a lot - Update your Fantasy Racers teams for the Italian Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Please do not forget to update your Fantasy Racers team.

Last week. I was ridiculed for my choice of just two drivers. The system dictated that I start at the top of the championship and work my way down until I run out of money. With Hamilton and Massa at the top, I was out of cash pretty quickly. However, to all those who laughed at me, it was one of my better points hauls, so there.

This week, with very little time to think about who I'd like in my team, as if I would anyway, I've gone for another arbitrary system. This time I'm flipping the same idea I had last week, so now I start from the bottom. You'll all be pleased to know I could afford more than two drivers, although when you see who they are, perhaps not.

Adrian Sutil3.9
David Coulthard6.4
Giancarlo Fisichella5.5
Jenson Button6.5
Kazuki Nakajima6.4
Sebastien Bourdais5.1

It's not the strongest lineup I've ever had, although if the race plays out anything like FP1, then Sutil could be my big chance!

As ever, I'd love to know what you're basing your decisions on, whether FP1 and/or 2 will affect your choices. If you want to, share your team in the comments, and feel free to make fun of mine. Visit Fantasy Racers to make your changes of join in the fun.

P.S. 'Me' - if you don't switch out Alonso right now, before you take a nap, and before I get home, there's gonna be real trouble.