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Take the Honda pub quiz - Test your wits against the best that Honda F1

Published by Mr. C

During our last show we might have mentioned that we were invited to take part in a pub quiz at Honda Dreamfields that was hosted by (among others) Jenson Button.

Jenson Button and Vicki Butler-Henderson

As it happens we were a bit rubbish and came a lowly 5th place, but our excuse is we know F1 history not Honda history. Today, in the classic door-shut / horse-bolted style, I discover the Honda Mentalism Challenge, which lo and behold contains a good number of questions featured in our quiz.

If only we'd taken this beforehand.

It's not exactly the same, but if you think you know which spare household object Soichiro Honda used when he built his first motorbike, go nuts and see if you fare any better. It lacks the distraction of sitting opposite Mr. Button so we insist that you take the quiz while looking at the following picture and dribbling slightly.

Jenson Button

Do let us know your scores when you're done!