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Take a wild guess - It's time to put your money on who will win in 2009's F1 season opener

Published by Mr. C

This time last year, we asked you guys for your predictions - the top three finishers for the Australian Grand Prix. We had a great response, and mixed them all up into what is now known as the "Rocky Montage." The music, the excitement, it all came across to make a special few minutes.

If you haven't heard it already, need a quick reminder, or simply want to hear it again, here's the 2008 Rocky Montage.

During live streaming a couple of weeks ago, the predictions montage was mentioned and it seems as though you guys would like to do another one. We are nothing if not obliging, and actually quite excited about the prospect. We want to do this again, so now it's over to you.

The upcoming season is a complete unknown, I'm sure we all agree, but don't be shy. There's no harm in taking a guess and seeing if you get it right or not. I've been talked into making predictions this year, so it's only fair I drag you all along with me.

The original post for last year's montage gave some decent instructions, but I will just leave you with this:

Hi, I'm... [your name] and my predictions for the top three finishers in Australia are:

  • 3rd place... [driver name]
  • 2nd place... [driver name]
  • 1st place... [driver name]

We'd really like to keep them snappy, so although a little bit of explanation is okay, we don't want 20 minute voicemails. If you want to put your psychic hat on and let us know who's going to be triumphant at the first race, then you can leave us a voicemail on the details below:

Skype username: Sidepodcast
Phone number: 0121 28 87225

If you have the capacity to record yourself, then you can simply email the file to christine at sidepodcast dot com. The deadline is next Saturday - 21st March 2009 - to give us time to squeeze them in the final show before the season kicks off. I can't wait to hear your guesses, so get predicting!

P.S. - If you've got any suggestions for music to be used on the montage (not Rocky, but just as emotive) then please leave them in the comments.