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Super Aguri's new/old car - Customer cars on the agenda again

Published by Christine

The rules of F1 come and go, and those that stay seem to be easily circumnavigated, if you've got the mind to do so.

A constructor is defined as a person, whether or not incorporated, "who owns the intellectual property rights to the

rolling chassis it currently races.."

Concorde Agreement

Last year, Toro Rosso exploited a loophole in the rules that forbids teams from buying a rival team's chassis and running it themselves. Parent group Red Bull were legally the owners of the chassis and sold the parts to their sub teams Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso. Neither were buying off the other, but they were both running the same chassis. At the time, this was a big deal and people were upset, but a loophole is a loophole and there's not much you can do about it.

This year, Super Aguri are basically doing the same thing. They are getting plenty of assistance from Honda, both designers and engineers, and have the full support of Honda's Research & Development facility - Tochigi.

Managing Director Daniel Audetto said: "...the design is managed by us..." and in the next breath: "There is also more collaboration from Tochigi..."

So, in other words, although the 'Super Aguri' may look a lot like the 'Honda Racing RA106', it's not the same.

(Between you and me: It is the same.)