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Sunday @ Goodwood FOS 2007 - Lewis Hamilton spotting in the heart of the British motorsport countryside

Published by Christine

Sunday = rain.

We woke up, it was raining. We drove to Goodwood, it was raining. We sat in the car, it rained.

3 things we heard whilst waiting in the car:

  1. "All I want to do is see Anthony Hamilton, and then we can go."
  2. "I like your car, can we swap?"
  3. [After spending at least ten minutes putting on waterproof trousers, coats, wellington boots] "Let's go."

Okay, I put that last one in there because I am so jealous of the people that had the waterproofs. We had coats and we had umbrellas. But we did not have the right shoes. There was mud. Oh my god, was there mud. I don't have any pictures of the mud because it was so muddy that I wasn't allowed to get my camera out near the mud. The mud!

The atmosphere on Sunday was very different to the previous couple of days. Friday was a day for real proper fans - people who had taken time off work to attend. And we weren't particularly gratified by numerous famous faces, but we got some good weather as our reward. Saturday was a day where the British people stick together, determined to have a good time, despite the unpredictable weather. Sunday was different. Sunday was jittery.

Everyone was there to see Lewis Hamilton. I'm pretty sure of it. We are not particularly Lewis Hamilton fans but we still wanted to see him. We were disappointed when we couldn't get close. When we were in a "Lewis" crowd, one girl barged past me and said "I can see him, I can see Lewis." I looked around but I couldn't see anyone that she was talking to. I guess she was just that happy to see him.

For us, Sunday was the day that did not work. We had plans to meet people, but it just didn't work out. We had plans to wait for the F1 cars, but they turned up somewhere else. We had plans to catch Lewis Hamilton on his way down the hill, but he took a different route and then left pretty much straight away.

Nothing went right for us on Sunday.

Except, we did manage to see Steve Ryder.

Steve Ryder

Big surprise, he was waiting for Lewis Hamilton.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Red Arrows do an air display for the fans. Saturday, we were at the top of the hill, so we couldn't really see very much. We did get to see one of the Arrows as it flew back towards the display area after one formation and it was so close... and so loud! On Sunday, I was happy that we were down at the bottom of the hill, so I would be able to see the full display.

But remember: nothing went right for us on Sunday. One of the pilots, overnight, had broken his wrist in "a domestic incident". They were flying an 8-man display.

This is useless:

Eight Red Arrows

It's wonky, and it's lopsided, and it hurts the obsessive compulsive in me.

To be honest, not much else happened on Sunday. It was so wet that we didn't want to climb the hill again. I just know I would have slipped over. Although, I am proud to say that out of the three people I did see fall down - not one of them was me! So that was something.

We were wet, we were cold, we had a podcast to get recorded, we decided to call it a day about 2pm.

So, that was our weekend at Goodwood. It wasn't the perfect day that we experienced in 2006 - the day that I managed to squeeze five blog posts out of. I think we wanted more out of this weekend, we had things we needed to get for the show, and so there was more pressure to make the most of our time. But I think we did the best we could in the time and weather we were given. And I could not have enjoyed myself more. I still maintain that Goodwood is the best event I've ever been to. I'll be there next year and I had better see you there as well.


Ahh, you didn't really think I would go without showing you his picture, did you? I know what you want.

Lewis Hamilton

That's the best we could do. It was really difficult to get anywhere near, there were police around him and everything.