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Stuck like glue - Get your F1Minute stickers here - Spreading word about the 60 second F1 news show

Published by Mr. C

Since our brand new F1Minute stickers made their debut at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, people have been keen to get their hands on them. Finally, having had chance to catch our breath during this all too short summer break, we're now able to offer stickers to anyone who wants them.

F1Minute stickers

Tell us where you are

If you're interested in helping spreading the word about Christine's 60 second F1 news show, or just fancy decorating some of your personal belongings, please drop your name, email and postal address in the contact box below. Well send them out out as soon as we can.

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Don't leave us penniless

While we're not charging for the sending of these F1Minute stickers, any donations to cover the cost of postage would be very much appreciated. Donating to Sidepodcast is very easy and aside from allowing us to mail stickers around the globe, it also ensures the site remains advertising free.

We'd very much appreciate it, if everybody took pictures of the stickers too. The farther they manage to travel and the more exotic their placement, the better.