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Stitch's mid-season driver reports (Part 2) - The second part of a 2011 review from a driver point of view

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As part of VivaF1's Summer Swap Shop, Stitch is writing a mid-season review for every single driver, marking their performance so far with an A-F grade. We've looked at six already, and here are a further half dozen drivers.

Nico Rosberg

Nico Rosberg prepares for action
Nico Rosberg prepares for actionCredit: Mercedes GP

2011 Mid-Season Grade: C+

I think I feel sorry for Rosberg. Partially because his career is seemingly stuck at a standstill and partially because my brother lost when we argued Kobayashi (me) vs Rosberg (my brother). I read an article about him in F1 Racing where he said that he didn't have a high-enough profile - and it's true!

When the seven-time World Champion is constantly being out-qualified by you and you don't always get a mention something is seriously wrong. He needs to get some podiums to make a name for himself. Then he'll be known.

  • Sum up in a word: Quiet
  • Season highlight: Out-qualifying a seven-time WDC in the same car the majority of the time
  • Season lowlight: Not living up to the expectations from last year

Nick Heidfeld

2011 Mid-Season Grade: B-

Nick Heidfeld is epic. Not just because he's funny but because he is (according to Martin Brundle) the only person in F1 to have escaped unharmed by two fires just three months apart. He looked promising at the start with that podium in Malaysia but he seems to have faded away (not in every sense, of course) and is a bit quieter. Except when he's jumping out of his car to escape fire.

  • Sum up in a word: Lucky
  • Season highlight: Podium in Malaysia
  • Season lowlight: Having to escape two fires

Vitaly Petrov

Vitaly Petrov needs more consistency
Vitaly Petrov needs more consistencyCredit: Andrew Ferrari/LAT Photographic

2011 Mid-Season Grade: C-

I think Petrov can be underrated at times. At the start of the season after his podium in Australia, people were saying (In front of him as well!) how if Robert Kubica was in the car he could've won. Kubica is good and maybe could've challenged for second but let's not get ahead of ourselves; that Renault is bad at times.

Kubica would've been more consistent but I'm not sure if he would be a championship contender. Vitaly needs to have more consistency to secure his place in F1.

  • Sum up in one word: Inconsistent
  • Season highlight: Podium in Australia
  • Season lowlight: Not being consistent enough

Michael Schumacher

2011 Mid-Season Grade: D

Ahh, Schuey...the man on a large photo in my hallway (it's my Dad's). I remember the days when I was 10 and I would write "Schumacher wins again" on my calendar. Back then I used to sit in awe at the beautiful Ferrari and the master behind it. Now I cringe.

As much as I love Michael, he never should've come back. Now his legacy will refer to this darker part when he was struggling in the mid-field. The man I used to make flags about? In the mid-field? I think he needs to leave now with what dignity he has left.

  • Sum up in one word: Cringe-worthy
  • Season highlight: Challenging for a podium in Canada
  • Season lowlight: Not performing as consistently as his teammate

Kamui Kobayashi

Kamui Kobayashi concentrates
Kamui Kobayashi concentratesCredit: Sauber F1

2011 Mid-Season Grade: C+

I get confused by Kobayashi at times; one minute he's doing amazing but the next he's... well... not. I like Kobayashi (eee above: Kobayashi vs. Rosberg). He's an awesome driver and possibly the coolest driver on the grid from some of the interviews I've read and, although he doesn't always have the pace in qualifying, he does make up for it in race pace. And he's a maniac in that car (which is awesome to watch). But there's something that's just not quite there.

  • Sum up in a word: Crazy
  • Season highlight: Consistently coming in the points in what can only be described as a bad car
  • Season lowlight: A bad race in Silverstone

Adrian Sutil

2011 Mid-Season Grade: D

I don't mind Adrian Sutil, in all honesty, and it's a shame how slow his career has moved. Although he's been getting points more often, I think he's just there to make up the numbers. Had he just entered F1, my expectations might be higher, but it's just too late for him now. Although don't hold me to that.

  • Sum up in a word: Slow (career, not the car)
  • Season highlight: A good result in Germany
  • Season lowlight: Being out-qualified by his rookie teammate

Stay tuned for the third part of Stitch's mid-season review, where more drivers will try and make the grade.

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