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Start me up - Looking for the right button

Published by Mr. C

Following up on rumours first brought to our attention by, regarding Lewis Hamilton's alleged mistake during the Brazilian Grand Prix. Sidepodcast can exclusively reveal that Team Macca are seriously reconsidering their choice of technology partner for next years standardised ECU project.

This information comes on the back of news that, during the eighth lap of the race at Interlagos, Hamilton mistakenly touched his machine's 'Start' button.

Immediately following the selection Lewis found his machine had frozen and failed to respond to any form of input, leaving him stranded and alone. After much delay, the system finally managed to reboot itself and after a short while came back to life, allowing said person to continue.

We have managed to obtained hi-resolution imagery showing the offending button in great detail:

A start button

After much internal testing, we at Sidepodcast can reveal that selecting a similar button on our own machine, exhibits almost identical characteristics and quite coincidentally takes exactly amount of time to reboot following a freeze. Luckily we only suffer the loss of several hours work, rather than a World Drivers' Championship, but we digress.

In light of this new information, Team Macca are said to be attempting find a more reliable technology partner for next years campaign and will probably settle on the one that suffers zero instability problems, reboots almost instantly and curiously happens to have a half-eaten fruit for a logo.