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Staff interviews and National Anthems gain and lose Team Rankings points - In which Mercedes bear gets a starring role and picks up points

Published by Christine

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This week I particularly enjoyed the adventures of the Mercedes bear, so much so I blogged it here. Lots of points available for teams who take little furry friends on paddock adventures with them. Also on the rankings today, charity beginning at home, what ifs galore, and a bit of a crash in Hungary before the race weekend has even begun.

Movements for Week 25

  • +7 Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team: +5 for the super cute Silbear photos in the garage. +2 for not being mad at DC for almost crashing their priceless car.
  • +5 AT&T Williams: +4 because I just discovered how good the Ignition magazine is, and an extra +1 because there's an interview with Clare and Mr C is a big fan.
  • +3 Scuderia Ferrari: -2 for this crazy statement: "If the 2011 world championship had begun on the streets of the principality of Monaco, the classification would still have Vettel in front (98 points) but it would certainly be much more open." Yes, indeed, and if it started two days ago, Vettel wouldn't be leading at all. Thing is, it didn't. It started in March. +5 for Rob's charity do.
  • -3 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: -3 for trying to extend the National Anthem. It's dreary enough as it is!
  • +2 HRT Formula 1 Team: +2 for attempting to dismantle the Hungary circuit.

Standings for Week 25

This week's standings
10Team Lotus56
20Lotus Renault GP45
31Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team740
4-1Marussia F1 Team35
50Red Bull Racing30
60Vodafone McLaren Mercedes-323
71AT&T Williams521
8-1Sauber F1 Team21
90Force India Formula One Team6
101Scuderia Ferrari34
11-1Scuderia Toro Rosso2
120HRT Formula 1 Team21
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