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Spyker's plans for the future - Michiel Mol look forward to bigger and better things

Published by Christine

The new very orange Spyker car was launched this week, with plenty of hopeful looking towards the future.

Team owner Michiel Mol has been getting quite emotional about the whole thing.

This is a special thing, it is history in the making. It is amazing to see what we have achieved in the past few months to get this together. I think for a smaller team like we are this is the time, the moment, to start in F1.

- Michiel Mol

Gosh, isn't there a song that goes like that?

  • "If we want to be successful... you have to have the best of everything."
  • "If we score points this year..."
  • "If we can be a serious midfielder next year..."

All those 'ifs' don't really fill me with a lot of confidence.