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Spyker say no to testing - New team opt not to participate in winter sessions

Published by Christine

Spyker-MF1 have decided not to test this winter because they want to save funds for the next racing season. They don't want to waste their time on fixing up a testing car when they want to be making good forward steps on their race car for next year.

How are they going to make steps forward without testing though?

Colin Kolles, the Team Principal explained.

We prefer to put all our resources into aero development. We would prefer to have an upgrade during the season than have an interim car now.

- Colin Kolles

He also added that they are looking to recruit more people to "concentrate on working efficiently as possible."

With upgrades to the wind tunnel and getting in some fresh blood on the personnel side, it will help them make leaps and bounds over last season, but I am still wary about the non-testing plan.