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Spyker doubling their wing - Mike Gascyone gets the team some wind tunnel access

Published by Christine

On Sunday, I told you all about Mike Gascoyne and his exit from Toyota to take over the technical design at Spyker. At the time it didn't seem like a particularly amicable split, but now, it would seem that Spyker are reaping the benefit. A wind tunnel that was previously used by Toyota has now become available and has fallen into the hands of Gascoyne and his new team. Nice.

Actually, the Toyota contract ran out last year, and Gascoyne has agreed with the tunnel owners Aerolab that they can use the wind facility in addition to their own tunnel that they already own. Presumably he had a bit of sway from his time at Toyota, but I suppose the contract was open to anyone.

At least it will be somewhere familiar for Mike Gascoyne to work his magic and turn the Spyker team around. Maybe.