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The spring collection - Curated lists of F1 things

Published by Mr. C

Sidepodcast Collections

It seems like not a week goes by without something fresh and fancy popping up around these parts. Presented with a narrow window in this year's punishing 19 race F1 calendar, we've managed to add something a little different to the site this time around.

Answering to the name of Sidepodcast Collections this new content area offers us a means to collate and share any number of topical Formula One links, photographs, videos and more.

To get things rolling, we've grouped together a number of F1 stories appearing online yesterday, and bundled them up an easy to devour list. There is a lot of future merriment to be had aggregating and curating all kinds of fabulous content, so we're quite excited to have finally made this publicly available.

Gathered here today

If you read our recent post announcing the Sidepodcast Scrapbook, you'll remember we are very keen to reduce our reliance on third-party sites this year. Especially any companies likely to sell out to the first Facebook, Google or Twitter buyout offer they get wind of. This new functionality will almost certainly include the kind of content we previously might have posted on Delicious, Storify, Bitly or Pinterest in the past.

We are not done adding new things to the site just yet, but it does feel like we might be getting closer with yet another tick off the grand project plan. Be sure to look out for more enhancements coming soon.

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