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Spreading the good word - F1Minute stickers find their way to the Goodwood Festival of Speed

Published by Lou

As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, this past weekend the quiet city of Chichester played host to one of motorsport’s greatest get togethers, the Goodwood Festival of Speed. A number of us from Sidepodcast have been to the event before and this year was no different. Kai, Janna, Lukeh, Pat and I were amongst the many hundreds of people who descended on the vast fields of the Goodwood estate.

It wasn’t a large group of us, nowhere near the numbers of the most recent Sidepodmeetup in the pub but despite this we set out trying to spread the good Sidepodcast word. You don’t need me to tell you that Mr C and Christine work exceptionally hard on their various Sidepodcast ventures and the least we could do was to try and bring attention to it.

The most recent pub meetup saw the debut of some rather fabulous F1Minute branded stickers, so what better excuse could we have to try and repay Christine and Mr C than to make sure as many people as possible heard about their wonderful work? The Goodwood audience couldn’t be a better group of people for this, so we set about trying to do what commentors here do best, plugging amazing things.

On our first day we decided we wanted to grab people’s attention in a rather central location and at the Festival you can’t get more central than the main sculpture.

Lou puts the sticker on the sculpture
Lou puts the sticker on the sculptureCredit: Kai
In pride of place
In pride of placeCredit: Lou

Not content with this we decided to try harder on day two. While at the Lotus Renault stand Kai seized the opportunity to catch the attention of many F1 and car fans.

In the perfect location
In the perfect locationCredit: Kai
On a Lotus Esprit
On a Lotus EspritCredit: Kai

Then she got even more ambitious!

A Subtle plug
A Subtle plugCredit: Lou
I wonder if Petrov will tune in?
I wonder if Petrov will tune in?Credit: Lou

Of course, a visit to the Festival wouldn’t be complete without a chat with our absolute favourite commentator, Crofty. Already very familiar with the Sidepodcast team and comments he was more than happy to pose with the stickers for us.

David Croft doing his best Mr C impression
David Croft doing his best Mr C impressionCredit: Lou
Doing his bit to spread the word
Doing his bit to spread the wordCredit: Lou

He’s promised to put these stickers up somewhere at Silverstone this coming weekend, so keep an eye out for them on his twitter page.

I really can’t thank him enough for taking the time out to talk to us again this year and helping us thank Mr and Mrs C for all the hours and hours worth of effort they put in to both F1 minute and here at Sidepodcast. I’m sure we can all agree they do a fabulous job, if you’d like to show your support remember you can download the new f1 minute app.

Remember to look out for the stickers on your daily travels, who knows where they may turn up!