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Spot the odd one out // Kimi Räikkönen spends the day at a school

Published by Mr. C

I'm not sure if this is punishment for his appalling incident during Monaco qualifying, but there's a rumour doing the rounds that Kimi will be babysitting a bunch of pre-school (or kindergarten if you're that way inclined) kids in Canada later this week.

According to a press release sent out by Bridgestone today:

On this occasion, Kimi will talk about a day in a life of an F1 driver and will answer questions from the children.

Allegedly he'll also be available for 'a quick 10-minute scrum at the end of the event' - whatever that might entail. Oh, the fabulous life of an F1 driver.

Y'know what I keep thinking though, wouldn't Massa be a more appropriate choice, given his comparable height n'all?