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Sporting business - Prodrive boss hits out at Williams as "people who want to go motor racing"

Published by Christine

If Prodrive ever do make it to the grid, there will be another very fierce rivalry to cope with. Not only will we have McLaren vs Ferrari, and Alonso vs. The World, we will have to contend with Prodrive vs. Williams.

David Richards has had a bit of a rant about Williams, upset that they played such an integral role in blocking his 2008 F1 entry. He’s called them outdated, and financially unstable, and my favourite quote of all:

It’s run by people who want to go motor racing, not by people who want to run a business.

- David Richards, Prodrive

Because that is so outrageous, you know, people in motor sport actually wanting to race!

Seriously though, we all know that it wasn’t completely Williams fault – they threatened legal action if the team entered, but they couldn’t have actually done anything to stop the team participating. The real issues lie, as all of them seem to do, with the Concorde Agreement. Or perhaps, with the lack of a Concorde Agreement.

Without this, it’s almost impossible to plan ahead, to secure sponsors, and therefore, get your entry together.

Richards continues his rant against the lack of support for customer cars:

There’s no other way of allowing people to come in. And once the Concorde Agreement is written, then it’ll be very difficult to change things.

- David Richards, Prodrive

I think that is the point of the Concorde Agreement, isn’t it? It’d be no good creating the document and then just changing it two minutes later.

This whole argument just brings up the age-old question: Is F1 a sport or a business?

Clearly, it’s trying to be both, and therefore, as another age-old saying goes, you can’t please everybody.