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Sponsors and nature watch are pointsworthy on Team Rankings - In which McLaren move on from just watching the swans

Published by Christine

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McLaren's lego car gets a brief update which results in an additional point, whilst HRT's YouTube activities continue to baffle me just a little bit. Meanwhile, offering up test drives to young drivers and taking Formula One to India are also pointsworthy. Finally, the "Got Milk" campaign could have another meaning when Sauber get to India.

Movements for Week 35

  • +3 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes: +1 for this update to the Lego McLaren car story from Rachel - the lego car was outside their offices in London! +2 for expanding their nature watch to more than just swans. Safari park coming soon, I swear.
  • +3 Red Bull Racing: +1 for an amusing insight into the freebies in a Japan hotel. +2 for a great job following in McLaren's footsteps with an India demo.
  • -2 HRT Formula 1 Team: -2 for continuing bizarreness with their HRT Toons. I so want to like the concept, but I have yet to see one that doesn't leave me pondering the stereotypes and looking on in bafflement.
  • +2 AT&T Williams: +2 for giving Mirko Bortolotti a test drive, having won the F2 championship - although it won't take place quite yet.
  • +2 Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team: +2 for making me chuckle a lot with their news item featuring Geoffrey Willis.
  • +1 Sauber F1 Team: +1 for teaming up with a milk company for the Indian Grand Prix. Much better for you than certain sports drinks!

Standings for Week 35

This week's standings
10Team Lotus70
20Red Bull Racing354
30Mercedes GP Petronas Formula One Team252
40Lotus Renault GP50
50Vodafone McLaren Mercedes344
60Marussia F1 Team40
70AT&T Williams227
80Sauber F1 Team124
90Force India Formula One Team13
100Scuderia Ferrari11
110Scuderia Toro Rosso6
120HRT Formula 1 Team-24
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