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Speed TV - Sharing online video to fans around the world

Published by Mr. C

Speed TV sometimes gets a bit of grief for their Formula 1 coverage in the US. Not as much grief as ITV get over here, but enough to lead me to believe they could be doing a better job than they are.

The one thing Speed TV do have over their counterparts this side of the Atlantic, is they actually understand this online world. They're not afraid of it. For example, just this week they posted a great interview with ex-Formula 1 driver Scott Speed, discussing his future racing in ARCA.

The video has been posted on the Brightcove network, which means not only do folks in the UK get to see it, we also get to share it here. Compare this to ITV's rather pathetic attempt at video which currently lists 3 very small (and somewhat dated) clips and no options to use them.

Speed TV may not offer the greatest Formula 1 coverage in the world, but I think they have a far better chance of coping with the future than ITV. What we really need is F1 television coverage to move to Channel 4.