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Spanish Wednesday: 9th February 2011 - HRT's new car, tennis in Spain and some driver vocabulary

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Hola chicos y chicas! Let's have a look what happened in sport from the Spanish point of view.

Noticias deportivas

Hispania Racing showed the world their new F1 car. Fernando showed he's a good friend. Jaime Alguersuari was travelling a lot recently. He's been to Bologna, Valencia, some odd places posing with more odd devices and was allowed to go to bed very late.

Rafael Nadal is ready to resume training. That is good news. But before he put his sponsored shirts on, he visited Abu Dhabi dressed very, very nicely, to receive the Laureus Award for the Sportsmen of the Year. Well deserved! Can you imagine someone else who deserved it more? I can't. Yo no puedo. And from my personal view: at least one Vettelless party on this earth.

The Spanish football national team (called "La roja" or "La furia roja") received the Laureuas as The Team of the Year. Fancy to see El clasico live in stadium? It's not possible if your bank account isn't filled with enough dinero. 385 Euro for a normal match, and 1.045 for a VIP seat. Doesn't look like a VIP view to me. I would rather freeze outside and see more.

Since Robert Kubica is dominating the news all over the world, in this short Spanish Lesson we're going to focus on the drivers.

Formula 1 driverel pilot de formula una
bodyel cuerpo
tallalto / a
smallbajo / a
leg/sla / las pierna/s
arm/sel brazo / los brazos
foot / feetel pie / los pies
hand/sel mano / los manos
finger/sel dedo / los dedos
toeel dedo del pie / los dedos del pies
nailsla uña / las uñas
chestel seno
neckel cuello
headla cebeza
earslas orejas
nosela nariz
eyeslos ojos
mouthla boca
lipslos labios
hairel pelo

I hope you don't have plans for tonight, and if you do, cancel them because there's international football action calling! With some nice games like Argentina vs. Portugal, Spain vs. Juan Pablo Montoya Columbia and many, many more. Make sure you've got enough chilled cervesa at home!

This is all from me for this Wednesday. Just before I go, one last mention that Christine's Rankings off. Check it out.

See you next Wednesday and in the comments, por supuesto. I'm off to watch an interview with a chess-loving football coach.

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