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Spanish Wednesday: 8th December 2010 - Following the Ferrari drivers to the mountains

Published by Amandoloss

Wrrrooooooommmm! How the time is flying! It’s Wednesday again! Nice to see you all on this very site reading this very post. If you are not Gavin, who suffered flu recently, have the rest of you been doing well? Are you enjoying the snow? This topic is very in these days but yes, snow is (nearly) everywhere. At least in this part of the world.

But since we are doing Spanish Wednesday today let me just check, hmm, they've got nice weather - 25° in Madrid, 20° in Barcelona and a comfy 19° in Oviedo. Oh, and 19° in Valencia. The race track is doing well then. Zero snow. Nada.

In the beginning of this year Ferrari took their drivers into the mountains to make their overalls look good in the white scenery and they had some fun in the snow. Perhaps this could be an F1 season extension?

However, shall we begin with the news? If there is any... Vale, debemos empezar con las noticias? Si hay algunas...

F1 in Spain

Fernandito was chosen for the best driver of the year and he urged his fans to leave Vitaly Petrov in peace.

Good old Pedro could return as McLaren test driver. Good luck! Meanwhile, Pastor Maldonado had a chat with

Toro Rosso employees had some fancy “End of Season Dinner”. However Jaime Alguersuari wasn’t there because he was busy producing some “Jaime music”. While he was mixing and scratching, the critics realized that this lad wasn’t actually that bad in 2010!

Other Spanish news

Congratulations to Fernando Torres who became a father for the second time on Monday evening while we were playing Aston Villa. Little Fernando is sound as a pound and we won 3:0. It was a good day.

It’s not looking good for Torres’ former club Atletico Madrid, though. They lost again. That’s no good. In the meantime, when Atletico was losing, Barcelona won 3:0 against Osasuna and Real Madrid defeated Valencia 2:0. Where were you against Barca last week Cristiano, hey?

Rafael Nadal has been nominated for the 2011 Laureus World Sportsmen of the Year Award.

I have run out of noticias so I think it’s the perfect time for the next short Spanish Lesson.

an auto bodyla carroceria
a chassisel chasis
the engineel motor
the actuationel mando / la transmision
outputsalida de fuerza / el output
gearboxel engranaje
fuella gasolina
exhaustel escape
brakeel freno / el frenazo
clutchel emraque
acceleratorel acelerador / el pedal de acelerador
tyreel neumatico
slickscubiertas lisas
intermediatescubiertas itermedias / cuviertas par alluvia intermedia
wet tyrescubiertas para lluvia / cubiertas para lluvia extrema
a beltel cinturon de seguridad
radiola radio
a camerala camara

That's all for today. I’d like to thank David who helped me with some words I couldn’t find in the dictionary. Muchas gracias!

Oh, actually I wanted to finish up with Lewis’ Reebok commercial . It’s not related to Spain at all but except Alonso was his team-mate (el compañero de equipo) for a short while so I think I can make it count. Is it really Lewis jumping and climbing all over things or is it Andy Serkis?

Now I really have run out of news. I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope to see you here next week. Gracias y hasta la proxima semana!

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