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Spanish Wednesday: 5th January 2011 - Tennis and football updates from Spain, plus your latest vocabulary lesson

Published by Amandoloss

Hola! Feliz ano nuevo a todos!! (Welcome! Happy New Year to everyone!) The first miercoles espanol in 2011. How did you celebrate? In Madrid with Diego by any chance? Or dancing to DJ Jaime's music? In Spain it is still Christmas time (the kids are going to receive their gifts tomorrow), but there's already some action going on in sports. Let's have a look then.

News from Spain and Spanish-speaking countries

Soon Formula 1 might be racing in Mallorca. I love the idea. I'm sure Rafa Nadal, who is from Mallorca, will be around then. Speaking of Rafa, together with his mate and occasional rival Roger, the Spaniard launched the ATP tour in Qatar playing tennis in the water of the ExxonMobil Open tournament in Qatar. And afterwards he won the opener. Today he will be in action in both singles and doubles for a chance to move on to the third round, and quarterfinals (respectively). The first matches on both courts start at 3:30pm (local time). Vamos Rafa!

On Sunday, the Spanish Primera Division kicked off after a short winter break. Brand new year, same old results though. Barcelona defeated Levante 2:1, Real Madrid won against Getafe 3:2. This Cristiano again, he now has scored 60 goals in 61 matches! Amazing. Anyway, Atletico drew Racing 0:0. Well, Diego wasn't in charge.

However Sergio Agüero, Maradona's son-in-law, extended his contract with the club till 2014. That's good news. They need players like him. Though this next one isn't good news at all. Gonzalo Higuain will have to undergo back surgery. Poor Gonzalo. I hope the best for him and keeping the fingers crossed!

Diego Lugano was talking about his life in Istanbul. Great stuff. Imagine, one day with Diego Lugano! A nice New Year's resolution that is. For those who don't understand Diego in the videos: just enjoy the pictures and his voice.

Now back to Formula 1, it's still time of reviews. James Allen wrote interesting pieces on HRT and Toro Rosso. Having said that, Jaime was interviewed by "Gent de Paraula", but unfortunately it's in Catalan and I can't understand a word.

Instead, here is the short Spanish lesson for this week.

steering wheelel volante
buttonel botón / el pulsador
power steeringla servoconducción
speed limiterlimitación del número de revoluciones
air ventilationla ventilación / la aeración / el venteo
rearel batiante / la hoja
dashboardel tablero de instrumentos
functionel proceso
fuella gasolina
displayel display / la pantalla
datalos datos
engineel motor
actuation / driveel accionamiento / el mando
chassisel chasis
gearingmecanismo transmisor / el engranaje / la transmisión
lengthla longitud
widthla amplitud
heightla grandeza
weightel cargo / la pesa / el peso

Vale! (OK!) This is all for today. Do not forget to cheer for Rafa and to check out Gavin's positive daily, it doesn't matter in which order. Enjoy the new vocabulary, enjoy the day and I see you very soon, namely in the comments. Adios!

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