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Spanish Wednesday: 2nd February 2011 - A mixed reception to Fernando Torres, and some colourful vocabulary

Published by Amandoloss

This week there are only two news items from the Spanish speaking world that really bother me.

To make it short, Fernando Torres left betrayed us. And this guy joined us.

Fernando Torres is now a Chelsea player. We all wish him good luck, but... the happiness after the signing of Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan national, can't allay the pain of Torres' departure. Because it hurts more than I thought.

And that's it. I wasn't able or willing to concentrate on any other news. Instead, here's the short Spanish lesson full of colours, colours, colours.

colourel color / la pintura / la tinta
whiteblanco / a
blacknegro / a
yellowamarillo / a
redrojo / a
silverargénteo / a (color plata)
goldendorado / a
pinkel fucsia
lilac / purplela lila
fawnel beige
darkobscuro / oscuro
brightclaro / luminoso
rainbowarco iris / el iris

Have fun with those words. Have fun today. Tomorrow and till the next Wednesday. I am off to put my Torres merchandising on eBay. Ciao!

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