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Spanish Wednesday: 24th November 2010 - Introducing your first Spanish lesson, motorsport style

Published by Amandoloss

Yesterday I finally saw the newest Harry Potter movie and I desperately want a Nimbus 2000!! Oh wait, this isn't the daily...

What if I begin like this instead?

Ayer he visto la nueva pelicula de Harry Potter y ahora guiero un Nimbus 2000 muy urgente!!

Good, that fits better to the new off season Sidepodfeature called Spanish Wednesday. A couple of weeks ago there was a discussion about the off season blues and how we could beat it. I came up with this idea and Christine liked it so here I am. Every Wednesday I shall provide you with all the newest news about the Spanish F1 teams, drivers and other interesting sports stuff from the Spanish speaking world. And since I am studying Spanish I will also introduce to you some Spanish F1/sports related words. I think it could be very handy, what do you think?

Anyway, welcome to the first edition of Spanish Wednesday and I hope you’re going to enjoy it. Shall I begin? (Debo empezar?) Vamos!

F1 in Spain

I will start with the rather shocking news that Valencia wants to break the GP contract. I think it’s sad. Even though the races there are rather dull, I would rather race there than in Turkey or Abu Dhabi.

Pedro de la Rosa said if he had the money he would be able to be racing and gave an interview on his future. Good, old Pedro, I wish him the best of luck! Sutil hasn’t been confirmed by Force India yet, so maybe Pedro could kick him out take over his seat?

Scuderia Toro Rosso predicts a big 2011 for Jaime. And Jaime has spoken about his and the team's objectives for the next year, about his driving style, his plans for the off season and how he sees Formula 1: “It is a war. You kill or you get killed”. I really like Jaime, he’s a nice guy, but his accent isn’t as cute as Alonso’s!

Speaking of Toro Rosso, maybe they haven’t got the best car but definitely the best catering. Yummy! However, I am sure they’re not eating this during the season, are they? I do not know if you have ever tried this, but if you visit the official STR site you are able to get behind the scenes (virtually) and learn about the Toro Rosso team.

Today Jaime is heading to Madrid to see Adrian Newey’s new car. But he already has a new one!!

Maybe Joe didn’t like the Ferrari World but Jaime looks like he’s having a good time.

The people in Heppenheim (or Vettelheim as they have started calling it) were furious because Alonso apparently didn’t congratulate Vettel immediately after the race in Abu Dhabi. Oh, come on, Vettel is the Champ now, so enjoy it and leave the rest of the world in peace. What do you want more? Just go and drink and party. Fernando isn't bothered anyway and says 2011 will be more difficult for Vettel, now he’s the Champion. Never give up, Fer!

Other Spanish news

Cesc Fabregas was injured in yesterday's Champions League match vs Sporting Braga. Oh dear, without their el capitan Arsenal is quite in trouble.

Meanwhile in Amsterdam, Cristiano Ronaldo scored again and helped Real Madrid to secure the first place in their CL Group D.

As I already mentioned in my recent daily, GQ magazine awarded Diego Forlan with the “Man of The Year 2010” title in Madrid. If he doesn't receive the Golden Ball, I’ll go mental! I can’t think of any other footballer who deserves it more this year.

I’d like to recommend you the movie called “Sin Nombre” (eng. “Without a Name”). Brilliant and shocking. Or brilliantly shocking? Hmm, nevermind, just make sure you watch it!

I have run out of news for today so now it’s time for the first short Spanish lesson. We shall begin with the basics:

race trackel circuito
racing driverun pilot de formula 1
the racela carrera
a carel coche
a helmetel casco
the championFernando Alonso! Ha, sorry, it's el campeon
a gloveel guante
the shoe/sel zapato/los zapatos
an overallel buzo

That will be all for today. I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any ideas or hints how to make this feature better, do not hesitate with them! Cheers and see you next week which in Spanish is: Gracias y hasta la proxima semana!

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