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Spanish Wednesday: 16th February 2011 - Your weekly Spanish vocabulary, this time on testing and injuries

Published by Amandoloss

Lovely people! How are you doing on this Wednesday? As for me I am ridiculously busy at and off work and do not have that much time to think in Spanish really. Therefore I decided to post some links to the testing in Jerez de la Frontera. Oh, this sounds so exotic. And Spanish, obviously.

And here is the short Spanish lesson to correspond to the testing action.

testla prueba
launchel lanzamiento (de un producto / coche al mercado)
new designel diseño
sunrisesalida del sol
early morningmanana temprano
sunsetpuesta del sol
surprisela sorpresa
first dayel primer dia
second dayel segundo dia
third dayel tercer dia
fourth dayel quatro dia
resultel resultado
good resultel resultado (muy) bueno
disappointmentla decepción / el desengaño / la desilusión
to be satisfied (with the results / performance)estar contento / satisfecho (con los resultados / el efecto/la prestación)
accident- el accidente
terrible newslas novedades mas terrible / horrible
injuryla lesión
surgeryla operación
hospitalel hospital
a visitla visita
to visit someonehacer una visita a alguien
good friendun amigo / una amiga muy bueno/a
Get well soon Robert!¡Que te mejores rápido, Robert! / ¡Que te recuperes rápido, Robert!

That's all from me for today and till next week. Okay, well, I do have one more link for you. Can't keep the exciting news for myself. In case you have missed Raul in action in Valencia last night. Meanwhile, enjoy the new words, keep on practicing and have a fantastic day! Hasta la proxima semana! Ole!

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