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Spanish Wednesday: 15th December 2010 - The future of HRT, football awards, and more motorsport vocabulary

Published by Amandoloss

Dios mio! Am I hungry? I am starving! Maybe I’ll order a pizza? Or perhaps just a sandwich? Yeah. I think I’ll take that. And yummy cheesecake for dessert? Oh shoot. There isn’t any! Who ate all the cheesecakes!? If I just were a part of the Toro Rosso team... Oh well, I’ll take a beer for dessert. Oops, so sorry, I spilled a bit (0:26 onwards). Well then, let’s start.

F1 news (noticias de la formula 1)

The Ferrari drivers dressed up and played Santa. You should have dyed your beard, Fernando. Santa Claus normally has a white beard.

As you can see, everyone in Formula 1 (and their money) ends up in Switzerland. Why don’t they come to Cologne?

Jaime had an online chat with his fans after demolishing a car. Is he spending too much time with Adrian, by any chance? Oh no, Jaime, run for your life! Jaime has been really busy recently. There was another interview in which he said that driving for Red Bull would have been a dream. Jaime, good idea, but wait until Seb is gone.

Jaime also said that McLaren is going to be strong next year. Hmm, what makes him think that?

Lucas di Grassi received an award called the Golden Helmet. However he received the bronze one which is confusing. Rubinho received the Golden Helmet.

Other Spanish news (otras noticias)

Rafael Nadal will model for Armani. Oh!! The trend caries on. You don’t like Cristiano R. anymore, Giorgio? I also have a list of the biggest upsets of the year in tennis and the players of the year. The biggest upset in the year of Formula 1? For me, it obviously was the end!

The Uruguayan national football team released a calendar for the year 2011. My favorite month is February (but only in this case, normally I hate February) as it’s El Capitano’s month. I like it. But I think there’s one missing... Oh, right, he’s busy celebrating and receiving some more gifts .

Speaking of which, Diego Forlan landed in Germany yesterday afternoon. First he headed to Herzogenaurach (near Nürnberg) where he was handed the Golden Ball award for the best Player of 2010. And tomorrow he’s going to star in the Europa League match against Leverkusen (near Cologne) in the Bay Arena. Guess who’s going to be there and speak with the good man? Yes. Amandoloss herself. If you are going to watch the match by any chance, I'll be in the second row, in a white hat with a big pompon, ginger hair, and wrapped in a red blanket. It might be the last time you see me on German soil, because I might elope to Spain!

I think it’s time to stop fooling around and concentrate again so here is the next short Spanish Lesson.

the vibrationla vibración
to oversteersobrevivar
the understeerel subviraje
the gripla adherencia
to overtakeadelantar a alguien
to leadllevar a delantera / estar en la primera posición de la clasificación
pit stopla parade de boxes
pit lanela calle de boxes
pit boxbox
a turnla curva
a manoeuvrela maniobra
the lightla luz
G-forcela fuerza centrífuga

Well, that's it for today. Quite some news, quite something going on. Are you practicing the words? You’d better! Do not forget to read about Mark Webber’s visit at BBC 5live. Not particularly Spanish, but Flavio used to be his manager and he also used to manage Fernando so I’ll take it as a connection. Have a fab day! I see you in the comments and ... well you all know what to do. Gracias y hasta la proxima semana!

P.S. David, thank you for your help!

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