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Spanish Wednesday: 13th April 2011 - F1 in the kitchen, glamour tennis, international footie and a lesson with Fernando

Published by Amandoloss

Hola!! It's another Wednesday and another edition of your favourite series. It's lovely to see you again. In F1, there is absolutely no news, however I found something quite disturbing, at least for me.

I read this in "Hijo de un violinista uruguayo, Adrian Sutil parecía que podría convertirse en un pianista de talento, pero las victorias en las carreras que disputaba le llevaron al camino de la Fórmula 1." Vilonista uruguayo???!!! Adrian's father is the same nationality as our SidepodDiego? I can't cope with it... but perhaps it is just me.

Speaking of Uruguay and Diego we automatically move to football. In the Primera Division, Real Madrid easily won 3:0 against Athletic Bilbao and I was really glad to see Kaka back to scoring (two goals). The Barca chicos defeated Almeria 3:1 with two goals from Lionel Messi. And Atletico Madrid won against Real Sociedad with three goals from three different blokes. So 3:0 it was. Diego Forlan didn't score any of them, he didn't play the full 90 mins, but provided good service and helped Agüero to score. I'll take that. Thanks to this victory Atletico qualified to the Europa League for the next season.

In the Champions League Barcelona played away Shakhtar Donetsk and won 0:1 by a goal from no other than The Messinator. Tonight there are two more games to come. Real Madrid is playing Spurs and Schalke 04 host Inter, and then we will see who Barca will face in the semis.

In Monte Carlo, there's some tennis action going on. Rafael Nadal is playing Jarkko Nieminen at the time of writing. This is his first match of the tournament, however off the court he's been busy too. He visited Prince Albert of Monaco on Monday, and had lunch with Alessandro del Piero yesterday. That's the life!

For today I prepared a short Spanish Lesson with Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard, also known as The Eyebrow Man, has been spotted (ta, Gavin!) advertising some kitchen stuff and you have to admit he looks cute in it! He also did some racing (6th in Malaysia) and one or two interviews. So today's lesson is going to be like this - here's the full post race interview for you to read, and here's the list of some new and more difficult words.

to explainexplicar
the crucial momentslos momentos claves
the startla salida
the overtakingadelantamiento
the wingel alerón
to riskarriesgar
steering wheelel volante
bad luckmala suerte
to break somethingromper
mishapla desgracia
to waitesperar
without a doubtsin embargo
I don't knowno lo se
to knowsaber
can / to be ablepoder
to fightluchar
a fightla lucha
far awaylejos
peoplela gente
you (singular)tu
he / sheel / ella
you (plurar)vosotros/as

I hope you enjoyed the news, links and the new words. Please go to the comments and leave an opinion. Tell me what you like, dislike, what might be better, what should be better and what you'd like to see in any upcoming Spanish Wednesdays. Have great day, enjoy the week, the upcoming race, and be good. I am off to check some kitchen stuff.

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