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Spanish Wednesday: 12th January 2011 - A recap of recent news from Spain, plus some motorsport vocabulary

Published by Amandoloss

Hola! Que tal? Como va? (How are you? How is it going?) I hope your week has been good so far. I also hope this very post will make your day/week a little bit better. Let's start then!


Ferrari's annual Wrooom event is quite big news in these days. You can take a look at the gallery in here. I don't know why Felipe always looks like he's eating a very sour lemon or something. Fernando didn't take part in this ski fun due to a small injury. He was busy with posing to the cameras though.

It's old news, but in case you missed it, Bruno Senna won't be racing for HRT in 2011. And some new news for those who follow the Rally Dakar action, Carlos Sainz won the fifth stage. He is such a legend.

In his first interview of the year, Jaime has analysed the situation, has spoken about his aims for the upcoming season and about his girlfriend. After having some fun party time he went to Lanzarote to concentrate on more important things. That's life!

It's been all over the news but for those who managed to miss it, Lionel Messia won FIFA's Ballon d'Or award for the second consecutive time. Well deserved. As I already said, Xavi and Iniesta would have deserved it too, however Messi deserved it more. No doubt about that. I also already reported about Gonzalo Higuain and his surgery. According to the news, he is going to be out of the game for four months and will need one whole year to get back his 100% fitness. Poor chap.

In the crazy world of La Liga, Hercules genuinely humiliated Atletico on Monday night. The situation at Madrid's second football team is getting really serious. No wonder there has been a secret meeting (it's in the news after all so it couldn't have been that secret, eh?) between the coaches and players in a restaurant in Madrid. They were discussing the situation at the club and I hope someone has come up with a reasonable solution. After this "secret" meeting Sergio Agüero said on Twitter: "La bronca por la derrota tiene que ser nuestra mejor motivación. A salir con todo en el derbi y a demostrar que podemos jugar como sabemos". Short: in the upcoming derby (tomorrow at Santiago Barnabeu) they want to show they can play good football. Well, Sergio and fellow lads: surprise us!! Since I mentioned the derby, Copa del Rey it is. Here is the calendar . The Madrid derby is not what it used to be, but it still is worth watching! So find a stream and tune in!

Nominations for the 2011 Laureus World Sports Awards were announced on Tuesday. Rafa Nadal will be hoping to win his second Laureus award. Amandoloss is hoping for that too! I hope Sebastian Vettel won't spoil the party this time.

Here's this week's short Spanish lesson.

adjustable suspensionfuncionamento del enrollado
gauge of the trackancho de vía
the trackla banda
wheel basepaso de rueda
the displayel display / la pantalla
rear endla cola
nose / front partla nariz / la parte delantera / lado anterior
mudguardel guardabarros
dataloggingla captación de datos / el registro de datos
surveyla recogida de datos
steering wheelel volante
servo steeringdirección asistida / la servoconducción / la servodirección
pistonel pistón / el talón
energy / forcela fuerza
powerla energía

That will be all for today, however before I leave you I have a recommendation for you. Recently I found this site called Spanish Word a Day where you can sign up for free and you will receive one word a day + audio + a story for better understanding. Nice, isn't it? Have a great day and don't forget to cheer for us tonight! ¡Adiós!

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