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Spanish Wednesday: 6th April 2011 - Things take a musical turn as we learn some lyrical vocabulary

Published by Amandoloss

Hola y bienvenido!! How have you been since last Wednesday? Has the week treated you well? I very much hope so! To make this day a bit better let's spice it up with some Spanish flavoured news. Does it sound good? It does to me.

Let's start with some, more or less, historical scenes from yesterday's Champions League night. Poor RG and his Spurs, the football God wasn't on their side yesterday, eh? They lost 4:0 against Real Madrid. They had to play one man down as Peter Crouch has been sent off ('15), however they looked good, especially in the first half, despite no Crouchy. But still, one has to admit Real deserved to win, as they were the better side in overall. They now have got "The licence to dream" as the Spanish press says.

And in the second match of the evening Inter Mailand lost against Schalke 2:5 (very much historical scenes!!) with one goal from the superbly fantastic Raul. One must say: What. A. Man. Amen.

A quick look at the Spanish Primera Division. The very same Real Madrid lost 0:1 against Sporting Gijon. At home! The last time The Special One lost a home match was... how many years ago? Nine. Nine years. The Barca guys meanwhile won 0:1 against Villareal and are now 8 points ahead of Real. I shall say: Bye, bye title! Adios, la liga!

For a nice change Atletico Madrid defeated Osasuna 2:3 with a hattrick by Diego Costa. Not the right Diego (haha), but a hattrick is nothing to moan about. Speaking of Diego, Uruguay lost 2:0 against Estonia last week and the poor chaps didn't have a nice evening at all. And there has been a campaign for Diego fans, who could tweet him questions and he replied to them all! Isn't he lovely?

In tennis, there was a thriller of a match last Sunday in Miami when Rafa Nadal faced Novak Djokovic (again) and lost (again) by one point! So close! It still drives me mad! Djokovic has now become THE rival (Servus, Roger!) and Rafa even believes there is a good chance Novak could replace him as world's number one this summer.

Now Nadal prepares himself for next week's tournament in Monte-Carlo, but prior to that he made a short trip to Mallorca to relax a little bit in his own bed.

Learning a foreign language always is easier with music and singing etc., so for today I've got a song for you from David Bisbal called "Silencio". The lyrics are very simple and I shall translate the new words in the short Spanish Lesson.

peace / rest / calmnesssilencio
the wordla palabra
the insideel interior
the heartel corazón
to nail something downclavar algo
so emptytan vacío
ache / painel dolor
the bodyel cuerpo
the woundla herida
the spinela espina
full / filledllena
to beat downquemar
to continueseguir
to breathrespirar

All right folks, that will be all for today. Enjoy the day and the upcoming race weekend and I shall see you next Wednseday same place, quite the same time. Aloha!

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