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Spain 2009 - Schedule - Plans for watching Formula One and talking about it later

Published by Christine

Spanish eyes

After a well-needed rest, and two illnesses in Sidepodcast Towers, we're ready to get racing again in Spain. The Barcelona track is well-used and known by all the teams and drivers, but Fernando Alonso will particularly want to do well in front of his home crowd. The last few races have not gone well for him, but this may be his chance.

Here are the two schedules that define our weekend. The first is the BBC coverage, reliable, and always on time. The second is our podcast schedule, and I have suggested times, but these are not set in stone. All times are BST, and for us, likely to change.

TV schedule

We're still struggling with the Red Button here in SPC Towers, so it's most likely online streaming and 5live for us. Here's when we'll be tuning in.

DaySessionThread OpensStarts
FridayFree Practice 18:308:55
Free Practice 212:3012:55
SaturdayFree Practice 39:309:55
Qualifying11:3012:10 (q1 starts 1pm)
SundayThe Race12:0012:10 (race starts 1pm)

Podcast schedule

Ah, we are back in Europe and as such, the action continues on at a sensible time which aids in the podcast creation stakes.

DayPodcastSuggested Times
ThursdayF1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
F1 Digest9pm
Live Streaming7pm
MondayF1 Digest9pm

We will hopefully be talking to Joe Saward again this weekend, as well, so will no doubt be canvassing for questions in the comments beforehand. Stay tuned for all the live commenting, plus leave your digest reviews on the results posts each day to get them read out in the show.

Have fun!