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Spain 2013 - Rate the race // Select your driver of the day, and give the Grand Prix a score out of five

Published by Christine

A dry race in Barcelona doesn't usually promise much, but we were given a reasonable day of racing action from the Circuit de Catalunya. Now is your chance to have your say about the events unfolding in Spain - from Rosberg's pole position to Alonso's home victory.

Rate the Spanish GP

Rate the Spanish GP

100 votes

The polesitter did not take victory in Barcelona, which in itself means this was a race of note. It was a great start to the Grand Prix, but the action tailed off towards the end. Pit stop strategy veered between three and four stops, which meant a lot of pressure on the mechanics shoulders. We saw just three retirements, and a couple of penalties, to complete an overall action-packed weekend.

Looking into the action a bit more specifically, there were some interesting elements to the TV direction on the world feed that caught my attention, and I wonder how you feel about it. Also, it's about time we held McLaren to task as they promised a lot this weekend. Did they deliver?

How did you rate the world feed coverage?

84 votes

TV direction varies from country to country, and you could forgive the Spanish TV broadcasters for favouring Fernando Alonso a little. It has long been the standard to show replays of the start after the first few laps are complete, but this weekend there seemed to be more than ever. Are they mistimed? Are they useful at all? Rate the world feed from a positive five, to a less stellar one.

How did you rate McLaren's upgraded aero package?

91 votes

McLaren promised they could turn things around in Spain, put an end to their disappointing start to the season and start getting some points. Upgrades to the car were brought to the track, but the weather intervened a little. Qualifying was disappointing, but they clawed back some points in the race, so why not score McLaren's upgrade package from a healthy five, to a must-try-harder one star.

Finally, of course, it's time to select your driver of the day. We've picked out a handful here, but if you disagree, please let us know who your preferred pilot was in the comments.

Who was your driver of the day in Spain?

  • Fernando Alonso

  • Kimi Räikkönen

  • Felipe Massa

  • Paul di Resta

  • Daniel Ricciardo

  • Esteban Gutiérrez


108 votes

As ever, let us know your selections, share your chosen ratings on Twitter, or keep it all under your hat. The choice is yours.

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