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Spain 2011 - Rate the race - Judge how exciting the F1 action in Barcelona was

Published by Christine

Five races in and the 2011 regulations are still creating debate throughout the F1 universe. DRS and the Pirelli tyres are creating quite a different style of racing, which some love and some hate. So far, here at Sidepodcast HQ, we've liked what we've seen, but how did the usually somewhat tedious Spanish Grand Prix hold up under scrutiny? In this week's F1 Debrief, we scored the race out of ten.

Rate the race

Almost immediately, we both agreed that this race was not a patch on Turkey, but more akin to the Australian Grand Prix. However, Mr C used his new-found decimal point system to sneak in a score and a half, whilst I am happy to stick with round figures.

Rate the Race 2011
AustraliaMr C7
MalaysiaMr C9
ChinaMr C9.5
TurkeyMr C9.75
SpainMr C8.5

And here it is in super duper graph form:

Rate the race graph

Driver of the Day

For me, the driver of the day could have been Sebastian Vettel who showed that pretty much nothing will stand in his way of dominating every race weekend, but I actually decided to go for Jenson Button. Given what a terrible start he had, it was good to see him make his way back onto the podium.

Plus, being on the same strategy that did not work for him in the last race must have been a pretty worrying situation, and I think he did well.

Mr C, meanwhile, tries to have two drivers of the day, by suggesting one of them is the driver of the weekend. Nick Heidfeld did a great job to get into the points from the back of the field, but overall driver of the weekend must go to Fernando Alonso - who put in an incredible qualifying lap and a fantastic start.

Those were our scores and picks, but now it's over to you - how do you rate the race? Better or worse than Turkey? And which driver, of the twenty-four on the grid, deserves the most accolade?

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