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Soon we can buy Toro Rosso - How we've spent your donations to Sidepodcast recently

Published by Christine

There’s a donate button hidden away at the bottom of the right hand navigation bar. We don’t mention it very much, and it’s not very prominent, because we’re terribly British and wouldn’t dream of asking you for money.

However, if you have donated recently, we appreciate it very much, and in the interest of being open about what we do here at Sidepodcast HQ, here’s what those donations have gone towards: upgrade

This service has made such a difference to Live Commenting and generally sharing things with each other. I was sceptical at first, but now I don't know what we'd do without it. So, this past Canada weekend, we upgraded our account so there's more space to keep uploading your photos, videos, links and files.

Flickr subscription

We've been so busy creating podcasts this year, that we haven't been out and about as much as we'd like. However, it's coming to the season now, where it's all go. Silverstone and Goodwood are fast approaching, and there's only one place we want to share our photos with you (well, aside from A Flickr Pro account allows us to organise the photos well and gives us more space to do so and last week we were able to extend for another two years thanks to your donations.

Skype VoiceIn

Come on, admit it, it's really cool to hear your own voice on the podcast. We've just resubscribed to Skype Voicein for another 12 months so that we can keep on badgering you to call the number: 0121 28 TRACK, that's 0121 28 87225. You know you want to.

Silverstone test tickets

Like I said, it's the season for taking photographs, and we're going to be at the test for at least one of the three days. We've got to make the most of the circuit while it's still hosting F1 and you guys have helped us pay to get in.

Goodwood tickets

While the donations don't completely cover these (damn those weekend tickets are pricey), a portion of this year's income has gone towards our Goodwood tickets. This means that you might see us there and we may even ask you to join us on the show.

Like I said, we’re not asking for money, this post is simply here to share the love. What I can say is that every penny we receive is greatly appreciated, it means a lot and it all goes towards making Sidepodcast bigger and better.

Thanks everyone.