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Somewhere only we know - Share in our pain as hosting problems hit Sidepodcast

Published by Mr. C

Quick apology to everyone who's struggled to access ye olde Sidepodcast for the past 12 hours. During the night our hosting company appeared to be playing the twisted, but familiar game - "best of luck getting out of this one".

Did you miss us?

Luckily it was just the blog affected, podcasts continued to download unabated, although yesterday's F1 Minute was slightly delayed for anyone using the new shared site version - big apologies to anyone affected there.

As it happens, we're already deep into the process of building a more reliable Sidepodcast for next season, one that should hopefully withstand irresponsible hosting companies messing with our minds.

Just for kicks, enjoy the following system status notifications, both raised late last night (within an hour of each other), and see if you can't spot the deliberate lack of joined up thinking here:

21:46: Some customers may find they are experiencing 'timeouts' when downloading email.

22:46: Customers may find they are unable to access their databases. All customers affected will be emailed shortly with further information and instructions.

Real tears, let me tell you. Real tears.