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Something to look forward to - Heading to the brand new GP Live event in May

Published by Christine

The Sidepodcast team (that sounds good, doesn't it? It's just me and him though...) will be attending GP Live in May, so I've been keeping an eye on the news pages to see what we can look forward to.

So far, I know there's going to be an array of grand prix cars through the years (presumably we will have seen all these at the Donington Collection though), Red Bull Racing doing something and Martin Brundle.

Actually, not just Martin Brundle, but a friendly Martin Brundle.

I quote:

He’ll take a walkabout instead at Donington Park, to take in the sight and sound of over 200 Grand Prix cars at the GPlive event. During his walkabout, Martin is looking forward to meeting his many fans and signing autographs.

Hahahaha, I have never laughed quite so hard. Is that the same Martin Brundle who completely ignored everyone waiting to see him at the top of Goodwood Hill and scurried into the Driver's compound? The same Martin Brundle who wasn't bothered that Nico Rosberg was putting him to shame by actually spending some time with the fans?

Hmm, I won't be holding my breath, that's all I'll say.