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So, you want to be an F1 commentator? - Talk your way around a lap of the Istanbul Circuit for Sidepodcast TV

Published by Mr. C

A couple of days ago I posted a suggestion that F1 fans should have more say as to who our designated TV commentators should be for the year, and what we really need is a chance to vote someone into that role.

The best I could suggest was a reality television show, but in the comments following that post Lynch came up with an even better suggestion - a Sidepodcast commentary competition! Scott seconded the idea and Jordan's already raring to go.

So that's what we're going to do.

The concept is simple. For every race over the past 12 months we've produced a preview video prior to each event which, in part, features a quick trip around the upcoming circuit. Christine has always done the commentary, but for one race only, we're going to put that opportunity up for grabs.

How many times have you ever laughed out loud at a mistake an F1 commentator's made, and said to yourself "I could do a better job than them"? Plenty of times I bet, and this is your perfect chance to prove yourself.

What we're asking is for you to take a look at a lap of Istanbul Park in Turkey and imagine how you'd commentate on a lap.

If you think you can come up with enough things to fill a minute and a half of airtime, then grab yourself a microphone (or hairbrush if you must), play the video, and start practicing.

Once you're feeling confident, we need to hear you. If you can record yourself onto your computer and email us an MP3 file then that's brilliant, otherwise you can call us on Skype or phone 0121 28 TRACK from any landline and record yourself that way instead.

We'll place your commentary over the video and play it during the next episode of F1 Rewind (if we get a lot of submissions we may only play a small part of each), after that we'll open a vote on this site and the winner will be used on the Turkey preview of Inside Track.

As an incentive, that show is currently getting between 10,000 and 20,000 views per episode on YouTube alone, so it'll be a sizable audience that'll hear your words. Are you convinced yet?

There's every chance this could fall flat on its face but then Christine can do her usual duties and we'll pretend this never happened! Just a couple of rules for you (because what kind of competition doesn't have rules?):

  • The competition is open to everybody, you can submit as many entries as you like, but we'll only take the last one. That way if you mess up a Skype call just ring again.
  • Entries must be received by Monday 28th April.
  • This is a family show, so please keep it clean.
  • Winning this competition does not guarantee you a job at the beeb, it's just for fun.

Good, any further questions?