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So you want to be a racing driver? - Following 5live's Jason Swales on a Silverstone driving experience

Published by Mr. C

During the weekend of last year's Silverstone Grand Prix, Christine and I were lucky enough to be able to sit in on a recording of the Radio 5 Live podcast, The Chequered Flag. That particular show, which for no apparent reason was hosted by cricket commentator Arlo White, featured a segment on the team enjoying a track day experience at Silverstone.

The ten minute piece was part of the BBC's ongoing initiative to help promote motor racing in the UK, and in association with the launch of the site Go Motorsport. At the tail end of the show David Croft pointed out that producer Jason Swales excelled himself behind the wheel, and asked if he'd be up for doing some training before participating in an actual motor race.

Something akin to the TV show "Faking It", only for radio.

That was the last we heard about the idea until this week, when a new video appeared on the BBC.

The camera follows Jason on day one of his challenge, where he takes his Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) test, with the aid of Silverstone Driving Experiences and Anthony Davidson. Predictably the day involves much spinning, head scratching and generally pointing in the wrong direction, before Ant takes to the passenger seat to help find some pace.

Without wanting to give away anything, it looks as though this is the first in a series of videos, and we very much look forward to seeing how far the idea goes.

Neither Christine or I have ever tried one of these driving experiences, but it looks like a bunch of fun and we too may well have to give it a go before the end of year. The Silverstone website has more information if you're interested, whether it's for fun or if you're seriously thinking of doing this competitively.

The Motor Sports Association (MSA) website contains heaps of information too, as does Go Motorsport mentioned earlier.