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Sir Jackie slams Mosley, Ecclestone - Stewart airs his views about those in charge of F1

Published by Mr. C

Sir Jackie Stewart

Jackie Stewart gave Formula One's top men both barrels in an interview with The Times today, calling for both Max Mosley and Bernie Ecclestone to step down.

The former World Champion doesn't hold back in his condemnation, suggesting Bernie is so focused on complete control that there's no way for a succession plan to be even considered let alone executed, and that Ecclestone is, well... getting old.

Stewart continues his criticism suggesting Bernie and Max are so close as to be "Siamese twins" and offers the damning verdict that:

They haven't looked after the house properly and the foundations are built on just this two-man working relationship.

This has evoked concern and apprehension on the part of those involved in the sport. When Max Mosley had the scandal erupt around him, how many team principals or owners spoke out?


Furthermore Jackie fears that if the FIA could find an unsavoury past history to use against him, they would do. Nothing, it seems is off limits in this interview, and other highlights include:

  • Revenue distribution comes under the spotlight, and is described as "untenable".
  • The lack of a North American F1 race in 2009, is "ridiculous".
  • While Max should "remove himself from the FIA completely and from motorsport and the motor industry".

This is gripping stuff. Everything spills out onto the page like someone popped the champagne cork, then couldn't stop the words from flowing. Finally somebody with a voice has spoken out and the criticism couldn't come from a more experienced, intelligent and respected man than Sir Jackie Stewart.

As you can imagine, I highly recommend you read the full text of the interview and absorb every single word - things like this don't come along that often. I think I may even have to go and buy a paper copy for posterity too.

One can only imagine the look on Bernie and Max's faces.