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Singapore 2011 - Post race press conference - Thoughts from Vettel, Button and Webber after the Grand Prix

Published by Christine

Questions to the top three drivers following the race on Sunday in Singapore.

Winner: Sebastian Vettel - Red Bull

Q: Sebastian, no World Championship celebrations here but another pole, another victory but not by the large margin that at one stage looked likely?

"First of all, I'm very pleased with the result. The car was fantastic all the way through. We could pull away quite easily and make a gap. The safety car came out, it didn't really fit with our plan. Nevertheless I had a good restart. I was a bit lucky with the backmarkers between Button and myself. I was quite happy. Towards the end, with the traffic, it's quite busy round here, there isn't a lot of space. In the end, last lap, I faced five cars, quite a large group. Not that big margin when I crossed the line but I was in control. All in all a fantastic result, I really love the track. I love the challenge. It's the longest race, the car was fantastic. Engine wise everything was great. We were in a comfortable position for most of the race, which is pretty handy round here. The pace was good, and I'm very pleased. For the championship, looks like we have another chance at the next race.

"I had something in my eye, but yea, I really like this track. Especially after last year where it was a tough fight to the end with Fernando, all the way from start to finish last year. This year was great to come back and get the job done, in a way. As we all agree, I think this is one of the toughest challenges this year. The humidity makes us sweat a lot and work hard. It's nice when you cross the line knowing you've done your best and achieved the optimum. A fantastic race from start to finish, good pitstops. In the heat, I think we kept our heads cool. A great day in the office."

Q: Seb, I think there might have been a few tears on the podium. Was that for your first win here, was that a sigh of relief that two hours had finally finished or was it the emotion of another victory that was as special as the first this season.

"I think it was a bit of all that and I had something in my eye. As I said I really like this track especially after last year where it was a tough fight to the end with Fernando. It was all the way from start to finish shadowing him last year. I felt I could have gone a little bit quicker. It was a nice battle and I finished second so this year it was great to come back and get the job done. We all agree that this is one of the toughest challenges we face all year. It is getting quite hot inside the car. The race is quite long. The humidity makes us sweat a lot and work hard which is good so it is nice when you cross the line knowing you have done your best and achieved your optimum. I think we can be very proud of ourselves again. A fantastic race from start to finish. Smooth pit-stops and in the heat we once again kept our heads cool. A perfect day at the office I would say."

2nd place: Jenson Button - McLaren

Q: Jenson, for you a fourth podium in a row but tell us about the backmarkers, not just at the restart but also the two Williams drivers who stalled your progress as you were catching Sebastian towards the end.

"I can understand that it's difficult to move over here. Most people were fighting out there, but they've got to respect that the cars are lapping them for a reason. There were some frustrating moments in the race. One was with Kobayashi... and the two Williams were fighting between themselves. When it gets to the last lap... they forget that a cars trying to overtake.

"Forgetting that, it was the best we could have done today. I felt I got the most out of the car... but we weren't quick enough to win. A good finish all the same."

3rd place: Mark Webber - Red Bull

Q: Mark, before the race Jenson mentioned that he might have a chance off the line giving your record at the start recently and he did get past you going into the first turn. But from then on some great battles for yourself with Fernando Alonso.

"Unfortunately, I found myself having to come back through too often. I can't make the starts I made last year at the moment. We'll look at them and need to improve. It's more risky to come back through and try and regain positions on the track, particularly when the DRS isn't working.

"Seb fully deserved the victory. Overall, if you come here and say you get a podium, we all want a win, that's what you strive for. It's not the easiest track for me, I don't seem to be superquick round here. I want to thank my guys, they've done a good job for me round here. Well done to JB, good second place for him."

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