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Silverstone saviours - The Government - The British GP could be saved by politicians

Published by Christine

In other circuit news, the British Government has come out and said that they are fully backing the Silverstone circuit and will support all redevelopment efforts.

British people are always quoted as saying that Britain is the home of motorsport, but Silverstone isn't exactly living up to the necessary facilities.

Speaking at the Autosport International show (I'M GOING THERE THIS WEEKEND!!!), the British Minister for Sport has pretty much said that money is no object.

There is some funding there, but it is not just about money. It is about how you get the planning in there. We are working with Silverstone in the development of the plans and we helped very much with the road network.

We really do want to see that become the international centre of excellence for performance car production so we can continue to maintain the vast number of F1 teams in this country and also the industry itself and the supply chain.

- Richard Caborn

It sounds a little bit like political waffle to me, and it's so easy to say, but when you ask the government to actually put their hand in their pocket, that's when the problems start.