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Silverstone in trouble again // Bernie looks to a race-share option for the British GP

Published by Christine

Bernie Ecclestone has been adding new race destinations to the Formula 1 calendar without a care in the world, and now it would appear that some of the older and much loved events will need to be changed to allow room for the up and coming newbies.

Bernie's idea is that when the British Grand Prix's contract with Silverstone runs out in 2009, it should then share it's spot with another track. South Korea are due to be added to the schedule in 2010 and India is looking to join the prestigious gang of F1 race hosts, so Bernie would like it if Britain and France could share a race weekend, year on year. Silverstone takes it one year, Magny-Cours the next.

Race sharing isn't completely unheard of, with the German Grand Prix alternating between the Nurburgring and Hockenheim the next.

Ecclestone claims that the French organisers are completely happy to go along with this plan, whilst the British are not so keen. The organisers of the British GP have been saying that keeping the track in F1 condition and holding onto the staff they have to cover it, means that a two-year deal is just not going to work.

There is also the added complication of the modernisation Bernie wants at Silverstone, including the spectator areas and the paddock facilities, that will probably cost hundreds of millions.