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Published by Gavin Brown

A new entrant into the Sidepodradio schedule, Gavin has thought up an excellent idea for a show. As ever, I'll let him tell you all the details and how you can get involved.

So what is this show about then?

Well, I noticed at “the last minute” that there were still some gaps in the schedule for Sidepodradio, and I thought to myself that I could probably fill one of the available slots... but with so many great ideas for shows already taken, what could I possibly do that was different and interesting? I am already co-hosting Sim Racers Weekly with Scott Woodwiss so I really had to get my thinking cap on quick.

Then it came to me.

I'm quite a geek and love all things technology so I thought, why not have a phone in show about it? If you are familiar with “Buzz Out Loud” or Leo Laporte's “This Week in Tech” then perhaps we could do something similar? I am not planning to talk in confusing tech-speak as that might bore some people. Instead, I would like to talk about things happening in technology and how they affect our lives in a way that appeals to all of us, as technology is a driving force in all our lives these days and we would live very different lives without all of it's benefits and costs. Maybe this should even be the theme of the show? It will be whatever you guys want it to be as you guys will be asking the questions.

I will have to do it live as there is little time left to plan and pre-record the show, so please, call in on Skype during the show – on 0121 28 TRACK or search for the user name called 'sidepodcast' – or if you're too shy, post your questions for me on the wiki page.

I'll see you at 8pm GMT on Sunday 20th September and I look forward to answering your questions – and having a nice little chat about Technology!