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Sidepodradio - The Nostradamus Effect - Introducing the forecasting segment of the broadcast

Published by Ryan Gault

Our guest post spot today is filled by RG, who wants to talk to you about his Sidepodradio show - The Nostradamus Effect. Let me make my own prediction for you - you're going to want to listen to this show.

Sunday 20th September 2009 is coming way too quickly, and unless you couldn’t tell by now, it is Sidepodradio Day (if you couldn’t tell by now, then you obviously didn’t read the title, or even the little introduction given by Mrs C). And I, will be attempting to do what people have tried to do for centuries, predict the future, and I shall be given half an hour to do it in. (More or less determining how well Mr C does at cooking). I present to you, The Nostradamus Effect.

So what is the principle of the show? Well, simply, to predict. Use my gut instinct to predict things from the world of Formula 1, the world of sport and even simply the world. So far I have a few ideas jotted down in my notebook; those ideas will remain a top secret until the show is aired.

However, I do want to get the audience involved, hopefully after I have rabbited on for the first part of the show. How to get involved I hear you ask. Well, simply enough, e-mail the folks at Sidepodcast at, or go to the wiki page where there have been suggestions from Jordan and Steven already,  or you can voicemail them at 0128 28 TRACK or search them on Skype. But please do pm me over the wiki as I do have an inability to predict on the spot. Time is short.

With contact details out of the way I can exclusively reveal I will be trying an ambitious prediction right at the end of the show. I believe ambitious may be pushing it, this is one thing I really don’t want to reveal until the show, so don’t try and get it out of me. You won’t get it out of me as easily as, well, you know what.

The show starts at 18:30 BST, or as I’m using it, whenever the dust settles from The Cooking Show which will air before mine. Thanks for letting me predict at you.