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Sidepodradio - The countdown begins - Have you signed up to host a half hour show yet?

Published by Christine

All of a sudden, Sidepodradio is no longer a shining idea in the distance, but a looming reality that is a ton of work. But never fear, we are getting more and more organised as we go along, and it's starting to come together.

Show Hosts

We still have a few spots remaining for hosts to sign up for a show. There are some ideas on the wiki that need hosts, or you can come up with your own idea. I won't run through the spiel again about the possibilities being endless, but they really are. We're close to filling up the entire 12 hours, so don't back out on me now!

If you are hosting a show, don't forget the pre-record deadline is this Friday. We need time to prepare everything, so of course, the sooner you are done, the better.

If you haven't already, your show could do with a sub-page on the wiki. You may not be looking for audience participation, but a short introduction to what your show is would be helpful. Think of it as radio listings.

Please Call

Don't forget, if you're not signing up for a show, you can still call us and leave a voicemail. The number is 0121 28 87225, or search for Sidepodcast on Skype. We desperately need transitions, little shoutouts, pleas for donations, anything you want to say, just call in and make our lives that little bit easier!

On the donations front, we have exceeded our target for production costs, which means we are already into charity money. There's a page on the wiki for charity suggestions - motorsport related, preferably. We will hold a poll after the event to decide where the money should go. Thanks to everyone who's donated already, and what are you waiting for if you haven't?


It's going to be manic in Sidepodcast Towers from here on in, but we are gradually coming up with a plan for how Sunday is going to work. We will post a new thread for every hour of Sidepodradio, and each hour will begin with an F1 Minute news bulletin.

The video replays will be available at some point after the event, the same way the Parade Lap is now. We will most likely come up with a special Sidepodradio video feed as well. At the moment, we're not sure whether, or how much, of Sidepodradio will appear on the audio feed. That much will remain undecided for now.

As ever, any questions, please email christine at sidepodcast dot com, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.