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Sidepodradio - The aftermath - How the 12 hour extravaganza went down, with thanks to all!

Published by Christine

We did it!

The entire Sidepodcommunity rallied round, and we managed to broadcast 12 hours of live sometimes F1-related content - give or take a server outage here and there. It was an awesome day, if a little tiring, and we're all still on a bit of a high after such excellent shows.

There was everything from quick fire quiz questions, to the vastness of outer space, to Sidepodbaking and much, much more. Now, it is over, but there are still plenty of ways to get involved.

The Charity

Most important of all, of course, is the charity donations we have received. The current total is running close to £600 which is an amazing effort from all involved. Minus our production costs, we will have a great amount to donate to the chosen charity. There is still time to donate though, as we'll keep adding amounts until midnight on Friday.

All you have to do is click the button on the right hand side of the homepage. There were a few problems over the weekend, so if all else fails, simply send your Paypal donations to christine at sidepodcast dot com.

On Friday, as the deadline draws near, we'll put up a poll to choose the charity who'll benefit from the Sidepodradio proceeds. There are suggestions on the wiki, feel free to add more, as long as it is motorsport related.

Thank you to everyone who has or is going to donate. We are amazed at your generosity.

The Content

An unexpected twist in the Sidepodradio story is the sterling work done by SLVAaron yesterday. Throughout the broadcast, he captured audio of each hour and uploaded it to the drop. There are links to each hour (although some are less than an hour, oops!) on the wiki, if you want a quick way of catching up. Video replays will be up as soon as we can do so.

We'll also be releasing some of the content that we couldn't fit in yesterday, including Jon's Feeder Series show and the Interview with Bloggers submissions. Those will be standalone shows, probably released through the week.

We have decided that the Sidepodradio content is so good that it deserves to be in the main feed as a podcast. We want to do it justice though, and clean up any of our mistakes, server issues, and general problems. With editing time, the desire to release it all in the right order, and the fact that we have back to back races coming up, it may be a few weeks before this happens.

However, you'll have forgotten all about it by then, so when the shows pop up in your feed, you can relive yesterday's glory all over again.

We will also, no doubt, be producing some best of shows and similar after the season ends.

The Future

Mr C let slip on a few things yesterday, the most important being that we have signed up for another year of podcasting - regardless of who gets voted as FIA President in October.

That being the case, there is already talk of Sidepodradio II: The Revenge, and all I can say is - it had better be in the off season!

Once again, thanks go out to everyone who was involved, in even the slightest way. Show hosts, contributors, those who voicemailed, donated, commented, came up with ideas, and those who wanted to submit to the day but were unable. We couldn't have done it without you.