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Sidepodradio - Sim Racers Weekly - Introducing the gaming segment of the broadcast

Published by Scott Woodwiss

Continuing our run up to the Sidepodradio event, we hand over to Scott Woodwiss to give us a quick rundown of what to expect from his Sim Racers Weekly show.

I, along with a few of my fellow commenters here at Sidepodcast, are fans of console and PC racing games. With the choice ranging from Gran Turismo to GTR Evolution and Forza Motorsport to Formula 1, there is something to satisfy all automotive and motorsport tastes. I currently don't have a powerful enough PC system to run the high-end simulations, I make do with the console alternatives, and with the recent purchase of a wheel it's made things a whole lot more interesting.

So I thought to myself that the best way to get involved with the Sidepodradio project is to have a show based on what I know, which is of course sim racing. Hence Sim Racers Weekly. OK, not quite weekly, but maybe something to look at in the future if I find time and it takes my fancy. This will be a show of news, previews, reviews and helpful advice, all on the world of virtual motorsport. Joining me for this hour-long slot will be my good friend and fellow sim racer Gavin Brown, who will be giving his thoughts on the latest topics as well as advice.

To start we're looking at the latest sim racing news from the past 7 days or so and discussing it in detail. Then, after a song, it's time to preview a few of the upcoming games such as the widely touted Forza Motorsport 3, Gran Turismo 5 and Race On. Another song and then a review segment. On this one, I was looking at reviewing Race Pro for the XBOX 360 but looking at the date for Sidepodradio, I think I may have a better idea. The latest racing installment from EA, Need For Speed: Shift releases on the 17th or 18th of September, a couple of days before Sidepodradio. So, if possible, we may do a "first impressions" review of the game, along with some questions from Gavin and/or people in the comments. Song number 3 follows and then it's on to the final part of the show as myself and Gavin discuss how to get started in sim racing as well as reliving some memories with classic games. A 4th and final song rounds off the slot.

Hopefully this will be an informative and interesting show for people to listen to and not just two guys talking about games. Any suggestions for the show are welcome and if we have time we'll try and squeeze them in or implement them into any of the segments we have lined up. I just see it as an expression of something which I enjoy doing very much and hopefully it will get other people jumping onto the bandwagon. Sim racing as a whole is always growing and the best thing is there's no limit to it. The more people who do it, the bigger the community gets. I'm a proud member of that community and it would be great to see people join as a result of this show.

So, I hope everyone tunes in and enjoys it, and who knows - maybe I'll see a few of you on the virtual racetrack some day!