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Sidepodradio - Lukeh's Lunch Time Comedy Show - Introducing the laugh-a-long segment of the broadcast

Published by Lukeh

Our ongoing series of Sidepodradio show host plugs now hands over to Lukeh who gives a little information about his comedy show, without actually giving anything away at all.

On Sunday 20th September, as you may know, Sidepodcast is doing the most wonderfully extravagent podcast event of the year, without a doubt – Sidepodradio. Many different people will be hosting many different super awesome shows throughout the day, and it’s my job in this small entry to explain my show, which will be at 1:30pm. Not 1:29pm, or 1:31pm, but 1:30pm. LIVE. It’s my Lunch time half hour comedy show about Formula 1 and the likes! Please note that the word ‘comedy’ may be at question here for my own safety. Also, please double note lunch times may occur at different times around the world. You are more than welcome to delay your lunch for this show, however! I guarantee you that it will be about Formula 1 though. Unless Bernie decides to suddenly call it something else, or give it medals.

Recently I wrote an entry on the wiki on what to expect. It’s very vague, I realise, and to be honest there’s not much more to update you on! It will be half an hour of sheer utter mayhem I feel, of me trying to scramble my way through my words and give you my thoughts, ideas and musings (heh) on the wonderful world of Formula 1. However! There is more to just my very Lukeh-ish voice for you to have to put up with. Try turning your speakers up to 11 for possible satisfaction.

Well... it will kinda be more than myself. Although it will be myself talking for half an hour god forbid, I want to hear from YOU!! Not him behind you, YOU!! If your name actually is ‘you’, even better! I’ll be watching over twitter, and especially over the comments, to bring your input into the half hour show of comedy that it has so wittingly been called. Think of it as an interactive stand up show, in which I sit down with my headphones on. Hm.

Even more crazily wild is the fact that it will be 403% live. No prerecorded-ness, no voicemailly voicemail style voicemailing, no recordings to play, just simply live. Perhaps the show should have been called Live and Kicking but that idea was totally taken from my mind 15 years before this show for a TV program so it may be a bit late now. Lunch and Kicking?

Nevertheless, I have no idea if this has made you want to listen, but I do truly hope to see you at 1:30pm on the 20th listening to me panicking in hope of some laughs! Do you love Formula 1 and want to get some laughs out of a torrid year of politics? Come listen to my show. Please. Please? I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic day!