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Sidepodradio - F1 Phone In Show - Introducing the talk show segment of the broadcast

Published by Alison

Following on from Steven's suggestion that the Sidepodradio hosts plug their own shows (and the introduction of his own show), Alison quickly guides us through what her show is about and what you can do to get involved. Oh, and this one also involves Steven!

Hi all! Just a quick reminder about Sidepodradio (like you could forget!)

Got a great conspiracy theory you want to share with the world? Want to rave about your favourite F1 driver? Think someone deserves the sack? Any tips for Bernie and Max?

Steven Roy and I are doing a live phone-in show at 11pm. If you want to participate in Sidepodradio but don’t fancy hosting your own show, this could be the perfect opportunity for you to hear your own voice going out live to hundreds (well dozens) of eager listeners.

We’d love to hear from you. You can call in about any topic you like. If you’re stuck for ideas but still want to get involved, we can give you some suggestions (once we think of them ourselves).

There’s a page on the wiki where you can register your interest. This is looking a little sparse at the moment and, much as everyone loves the sound of their own voice, it’d be great to hear as little of myself as possible!

So whether you’re wanting to share deep insights about the future of F1 or just want to tell us how much you’ve enjoyed Sidepodradio, it’d be really great to hear from you. I’d love it if we could finish Sidepodradio off in style.

Look forward to talking to you all on the show.