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Sidepodradio - Best of 2009 - A roundup of the best bits from the 12 hour broadcasting marathon

Published by Christine

Sidepodradio - Best of 2009 audio waveform

With the end of year bringing so much nostalgia, it seemed only fair that Sidepodradio got it's own best of podcast. There was plenty of source material to work from, and I can present to you 24 hours worth of shows, whittled down to 20 minutes. Enjoy.

The magical moments of Sidepodradio are all included - remember when Mr C was confused about spoons, or when Steven revealed all about Major Tom? How about when Lukeh gave the FIA some pointers on how to make F1 more fun, or Sean cleared up some sporting confusion for us?

All that and more you will find in this round up of the marathon event, and if you're inspired by what you hear, why not put some thoughts down for Sidepodradio 2?