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Sidepodradio - Back on track - After a brief postponement, the radio marathon is scheduled once more

Published by Christine

So, first up, apologies for the postponement, but really, it was for the best. We weren't ready and it would have been absolute chaos. More so than normal. However, we are back, ready to get going, and have a new date in mind.

Please set your alarms for: 20th September 2009.

I know it seems like a long way away, but the days will fly and we need that time to prepare.

I'm so confused!

I know. Me too. We had several hosts pulling out at the last minute due to illness or lack of time, so what we need to do now is confirm who is still up for the challenge on the renewed date. The first job, therefore, is for all show hosts to update the status column on the wiki to let us know what is happening.

If your show is well underway, then let us know that too. Don't forget to create a subpage for your show, especially if you need feedback or listener interaction. Perhaps I will do a post gathering what we need from the community in a few days time.

If you've got an idea but don't want to do a show, share that as well. We've got a few people who are up for talking for half an hour but are struggling for inspiration. Likewise, if you're not sure you can fill an entire 30 minutes, still let us know if you want to submit something. We're 99.9% sure that we will not be able to stick to the half hour schedule rigidly. Everything will be aired one way or another, even if we have to do Sidepodradio 2.

If you want to share shows with us, there's a new drop [link removed] in case you'd rather keep it off the main one. Of course, the usual email still applies: christine at sidepodcast dot com.

What you can do

If you're not ready to be a show host, don't forget that you can leave us a voicemail. In fact, change that to read please leave us a voicemail. Say hi to your mum, encourage people to donate, or tell a quick joke, we want voicemails and transitions to help us through the day. Find us on Skype under the username sidepodcast, or call us 0121 28 87225.

We have had a super response to donations, with the total now up to £220 - a whole £100 going to charity already. There is information about nominating a charity on the wiki. Please consider donating. It doesn't have to be a massive amount, and every penny helps. Ah, just getting my telethon hat on.

So don't forget your first job is to update your status on the wiki, or let us know in the comments so we can do it for you. We have roped Steven into helping organise as he is so good at "volunteering" people. If you've got any questions, let us know!